It appears as though Jeffrey Hillman, the homeless New York man given a pair of $100 boots by a kind NYPD officer, is a hustler. The New York Post claims that the 54-year-old Hillman has an apartment that a preacher pays for and some 30 pairs of shoes. He just pretends to be homeless to make that cash.

Hillman was reportedly seen counting a stack of money while riding the No. 2 train from Times Square to his Bronx residence. Earlier in the week, Hillman was approached by a reporter for the Post while barefoot and wearing a sign that read "HOMELESS." 

When pressed about the boots given to him last year, Hillman reportedly said he elected "not to wear shoes." A New Jersey clergyman has reportedly been paying Hillman's utility bills and says he owns "at least" 30 pair of shoes. He says he doesn't ask for money, but people simply give it to him because he appears to be homeless.

Hillman doesn't believe he's doing anything wrong. “I’m not robbing anybody. It’s Wall Street. It’s the people in these buildings,” he insists.

[via New York Post]