If you're a teacher and you lose control of the classroom, here's what you should do: 1.) Don't lose control of the classroom. 2.) Don't threaten your students with violence on the chalkboard. A teacher in Indiana is currently on leave for not only calling his students idiots, but informing them that his guns are "loaded," and daring any of them who felt froggish to try him.

NBC Chicago reports that Indiana’s Lake Station Schools Supt. Dan DeHaven said that the school district had a quick solution for dealing with the teacher's chalkboard meltdown: Placing him on leave and conducting an investigation. The unidentified teacher has been employed by Edison Junior-Senior High School for thirty years and, according to DeHaven, has never displayed any signs on instability.

You can't spazz on kids like that, but at the same time, be wary of who you push to the limit. Meanwhile, the teacher is probably somewhere saying "F*** DeHaven for caving, that's why we don't speak/Made men ain't supposed to make statements."

[via Medialite]