Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend Holly Madison finally got the family she was searching for all those seasons on Girls Next Door. Madison gave birth to a baby girl this week, and obviously named her Rainbow Aurora. 

Madison was one of Hef's three girl friends on his E! reality show for most of the mid-2000s. Her desire to get married and start a family was often a point of contention between them. (Nevermind the other live-in girlfriends and that age difference.) She left the Playboy Mansion in 2008 and got her own Vegas show (and E! reality show) and dated Criss Angel.

She started dating her boyfriend Pasquale Rotella last year. Anyway, they came up with a celeb-tastic name for their child, but Madison is standing behind it. "There are a lot of smug haters out there who bag on my choice of a name, but I don't care about what they think. I want my daughter to be proud of who she is and learn to speak up and stand up for herself at a young age," she wrote on her blog. We're all for self esteem, but she's probably gonna have to stand up for herself at a young age when vicious classmates make fun of her name. 

She got the name from a girl who was younger than her in school. Yeah. "I have always loved the name Rainbow. There was a girl in my school a few years younger than me named Rainbow and I was so envious of her name because it was so pretty and unusual. She was perfectly normal, well-adjusted, sporty girl, by the way, so I'm not worried about my daughter being 'traumatized' by having an unusual name."

Here's to hoping she grows up to be normal and well-adjusted.

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[via Us Weekly]