We appreciate a 12-year-old who understands the redistribution of wealth, though we (like most people) are unsure of the social mechanics that motivated this particular incident. A girl from Taylor, MI reportedly brought a backpack filled with $20,000 in cash to school and began distributing hundred-dollar bills to her classmates. The unidentified money holder attends Sixth Grade Academy, and school administrators instantly put an end to her free cash giveaway once they got wind of it.

Local police refuse to divulge information about how a 12-year-old got her hands on $20,000, but did acknowledge that she was reportedly given the cash by another kid who "lives across the street" the night before. Police say that the money has been returned to the girl's neighbors, but the investigation continues.

Something just isn't right here. Actually, several things aren't right about the situation. Is this girl a little Robin Hood?

[via Gawker]