Early Monday morning, a gang of people between the ages of 54 and 63 stole a yacht from the Sausalito marina, then set off with a bunch of beer and pizza to relive their glory days. Sadly, their great escape was short-lived, as they hit shallow waters off the Pacifica and needed a Coast Guard swimmer to provide them with a radio.

Meanwhile, police were waiting on the beach to arrest them. Everybody can't be a pirate.

Each of the sea-sick thieves was charged with suspicion of conspiracy and grand theft. What's worse is that the yacht's owner didn't realize his boat was gone until he saw it on the news. You probably want to keep a close eye on a $2.8 million investment. It took 12 hours to free the 64-ton beast from the sand and tow it. 

However, imaging these guys on a yacht with an abundance of beer and pizza blasting "Yacht Club" is priceless.

[via SFist]