A woman in Plymouth, MA is suing FedEx for shipping marijuana to her home, then telling the smugglers where she lives. The woman had purchased a birthday gift for her 11-year-old daughter, but instead received seven pounds of weed.

Maryangela Tobin says that the weed was hidden inside of a bag of potpourri and nestled in with "assorted candles, candy, ribbons, markers, and crafts." Police were called, and after taking the drugs, they reached out to FedEx and informed them that Tobin may be in danger.

According to Tobin, FedEx gave the intended recipient her home address so that he could go retrieve his package. According to the lawsuit, the man showed up to her home with some muscle asking questions about it. Tobin told them that it had been turned over to police before locking her door and phoning authorities once again.

Police called FedEx to let them know that the intended recipient had paid a visit to Tobin's home. That's when they were told that an employee gave the man Tobin's address. Although police arrested the alleged drug smugglers days later, Tobin says she still fears for the safety of her family.

[via Gawker]