FDNY Commissioner Salvatore Cassano's son, Joseph Cassano, was climbing the ladder to become a firefighter. In December, the 23-year-old became an EMT, and Emergency Medical Services employees have an advantage when it comes to getting hired by the FDNY. However, Cassano's ascension might be halted by his diarrhea of the mouth.

The New York Post gathered a sample batch of some of Cassano's most recent and offensive tweets:

In November, Cassano tweeted a photo of a Hasidic Jew near a kids' basketball court, writing: “This no good Hebrewwww crepin on the kidssssss.”

"News flash to half of the island, ur white! Stop talking like ur a shwoog," Cassano, who resides in Staten Island with his parents, wrote in August. ("Shwoog," is a racist slur toward black people.)

He celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. day by tweeting, "MLK could go kick rocks for all I care, but thanks for the time and a half today.”

In March he shared this gem: "Gotta love people with the iPhone 5 and brand new Jordan’s whip out their benefits card #f--kobama #ipaidforyourstuff.”

Cassano doesn't take kindly to overweight people in need of help: "Got kicked in the shin by a drunk and had to carry a 275 pound guy down 5 flights of stairs... my job is the worst #yearandahalftogo.”

He also wanted everyone on Twitter to know this: "I like jews about as much as hitler. #toofar? NOPE."

What an asshole, right? But at least he wants to save lives, right? Wrong. He once wrote on Twitter "I hate ems...Everybody wanna be a firefighter, but don’t nobody wanna be a damn EMT." This morning, he released a statement, apologizing for being honest: "I regret posting some comments that were offensive, especially since I enjoy my job and treat every patient with great care and respect." 

Whatever you say, Joey. Whatever you say.

[via Gothamist]