Bethesda, the company responsible for video game classics Skyrim, Dishonored, Fallout and more have just opened up their online store for merchandise. One of the most exciting pieces of gear happens to be the "Vault 101" sneaker from the Fallout action role playing series. 

The shoe is made up of a blue all suede upper with yellow trim. The same colorway as our favorite Fallout icon Pip-Boy. The "Vault 101" on the outside of the sneaker represents the structure that was built by the Vault-Tec corporation in Washington, D.C. prior to the nuclear blast that devastated the United States in the 2060s. Before acquiring any armor, players are outfitted with a Vault 101 jumpsuit before they head out into the world.

The "Vault 101" is now available for pre-order at the Bethesda shop website for $85 with a matching hoodie for $58. Orders are scheduled to ship in June so you'll be Fallout fresh just in time for the summer.