The Mindy Project was renewed for a second season on FOX yesterday (New Girl, The Following, and Raising Hope were also renewed), and patron saint of hipsters Chloe Sevigny will join the show for a multi-episode arc next month.

She'll play Danny's (Chris Messina) globe-trotting ex-wife; the girls found a heartfelt letter to her in Danny's desk earlier this season. Sevigny's Christina is a "war photographer who's been with some intimidating men in exotic locales, a fact which makes Danny insecure."

Sevigny recently finished up appearances on American Horror Story: Asylum and Portlandia; she was also one of Bill Paxton's wives on Big Love.

If anyone can intimidate Danny, it's Chloe Sevigny—Christina sounds like the anti-Mindy. In a good way!

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[via TV Line]