If you didn't catch last night's episode of The Bible on History Channel last night, here's the most important thing you missed: The Devil made an appearance and, spoiler alert, lots of people noticed that he looked a lot like President Obama

Was this subtle political commentary or a weird coincidence? Even without all the make-up, the actor portraying the Devil, Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni, looks a lot like Obama, which makes us lean towards coincidence anyway. But, since Twitter was completely up in arms about it during the whole episode - Glenn Beck tweeted that the Devil looks like "that guy," and other people were using hashtags like #KREEPY and #LiberalLogic - there are a few things that should be noted before jumping to any conclusions. 

British-born American television producer Mark Burnett created the series with his wife, Touched By an Angel star Roma Downey. Downey identifies as a devout Catholic, but has never made any political affiliations known. Burnett, on the other hand, actually donated $2,300 to the Obama campaign during the 2008 election, and then to the Democratic National Committee after Obama took office. It should also be noted that Burnett has worked with both Donald Trump and Sarah Palin for their respective reality shows - but that really speaks less than the fact that he has donated large sums of money to Obama and the Democratic party. 

So, in short, it was likely a coincidence. Probably.

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[via The Daily Mail]