According to Chicago police, a 17-year-old with gang affiliations accidentally shot himself in the groin. Perhaps embarrassed to admit that he pulled a Cheddar Bob, the teen created an elaborate fable to explain his injury: Ninjas. 

After the teen arrived at Loyola Hospital, staff noted that his injury looked to be self-inflicted. However, he told police that two men dressed as ninjas hopped out of a black van and shot him with a semi-automatic handgun while he sat in his car. 

Police combed the area, conducted interviews and checked surveillance footage before coming to the astute conclusion that no ninjas were involved in the shooting. When they confronted the injured teen, he came clean. He was sitting in his car with a bunch of girls, most likely showing off with the gun, when he shot himself. 

The wound was not life-threatening, but the damage to his pride will be permanent. Once a jurisdiction issue is settled, charges are expected to be filed.

[via Gawker]

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