Members of the House of Representatives are eatin' good, and in more ways than one. According to WUSA9, many congressional leaders are using their expense accounts to buy a ton of food. Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy of California reportedly spent $2,500 in one day at Qdoba Mexican Grill. Spending money on catering is all part of the game for these guys, and McCarthy's bill isn't even the most eyebrow-raising figure.

House Speaker John Boehner compiled an $11,225 tab in November which included $2,200 on coffee alone. That's the biggest catering expense for 2012's last three months. Though the federal government has been asked to curb it's spending, WUSA9 was told why that won't apply to food: 

Congressional office managers have several reasons for the water expenses.

One explained that staffers like to offer bottles of water to guests during meetings. Another cited concerns about lead in the water supply on Capitol Hill.

"We do have water fountains right?" asked high school economics teacher Ken Benson.

"The office provides food and beverages at large breakfast and lunch meetings," said Hoyer spokeswoman Stephanie L. Young. "As is common practice among leadership offices."

At this point, why not just literally eat the money?

[via DCist]