Adrian Grenier may have excitedly told that he thinks Justin Bieber would be "great" to make a cameo in the upcoming Entourage film - he said, "Can I say Justin Bieber? Is that cool? I saw his documentary and thought he was so cool. I think he would be great," specifically - but he wasn't as upbeat about it when TMZ caught up with him in LA last night. Then again, that could have been because he was being hounded by the paparazzi when he was trying to leave a club, who knows.

Anyway, when asked if he would like Bieber in the Entourage movie, Grenier responded: "Why did I even say it? I started something I didn't want to, I don't want to talk about it."

Surely realizing that bloodthirsty Beliebers would probably have his head if he brushed off Bieber so nonchalantly like that, however, he continued after a moment, saying that he thinks Bieber would be "great, period," and "everybody can act. Under the right circumstances, the right direction, absolutely." Totally. Remember when Bieber was on CSI?

As for any controversy surrounding Bieber recently, Grenier shrugged it off, stating, "good storytelling is what it's all about." Real talk.

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[via TMZ]