Song: "Ninja Rap"
Level Of Embarrassment: Extremely High

Perhaps because MC Hammer was too busy writing "Addams Groove" for The Addams Family, the producers of 1991's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel attempted to tap into the hip-hop culture zeitgeist by having Vanilla Ice pen an original song, "Ninja Rap," and perform it during the film's camp-tastic centerpiece. What, it's not like they were going to call Partners in Kryme again.

Experienced by TMNT-obsessed kids back in '91, the scene was a great marriage between their favorite reptilian superheroes and the dude responsible for "Ice, Ice Baby"; revisited today, however, it's a wonderfully silly congregationof bad dance moves, awful music, and overly colorful early '90s fashion.

That's right, Vanilla Ice just so happens to be rapping about ninjas at the same time that four karate-chopping turtles join the crowd and pummel one of Shredder's underlings with their shells. Which gives them enough time to hop on stage and make the Ice man look like Chris Brown as they boogie on down before Shredder crashes the party. —MB