Today, the much-anticipated Spring Breakers is out in New York and L.A. (the rest of the country still has to wait until March 22).  We’ve all anxiously seen the photos from the set and the trailer for this film, featuring bikini-clad Selena GomezVanessa Hudgens, Rachel Korine and Ashley Benson in their most risqué roles to date. Oh, and there's also the gratuitous violence, drug use, and James Franco in cornrows. So in other words, Spring Breakers is awesome.

Luckily, some of the debauchery in the movie has already been captured in GIFs. Whether you’re going to see the movie, or hitting up a real-life rager, these GIFs are sure to get you hyped. And so to celebrate this momentous occasion in cinema, or just the fact that it's finally Friday, we give you 25 Spring Breakers GIFs that'll make you want to party. 

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