After years of false starts, web series are finally hitting their stride. The advancement of video camera technology occasioned by the rise of DSLRs has given rise to high-quality low budget work, while the shifting television landscape has led networks and tech companies alike to invest meaningfully in web-based content. Web series film festivals and contests are on the rise as well: the New York Television Festival (NYTVF) and LA WebFest are just two of the more prominent outlets for video artists from all over the world to show off their craft.

Network television execs are diving into their fox holes, resorting to easy, big-tent shows to shore up dwindling ratings while web content is becoming better and more daring all the time. From newlywed serial killers to dinosaur journalists, web series are deeply creative. From gay professional athletes to wheelchair-bound actresses, online programming is telling important stories that you would never see on the bigger small screen.

In short, the Internet is now good for more than cat tumblrs and Condescending Wonka memes; these are The 25 Best Web Series Right Now.

Written by Brenden Gallagher (@muddycreekU)