The biggest disadvantage to living in New York is that it ruins living anywhere else. Despite the smells, and the sirens, and the supermodels you'll never have sex with, Gotham is still the greatest city in the world. Like that one good New Year's you once had, you'll always find yourself comparing NYC to your current place of residence. And the competition will never stack up.

If, like a lot of us, you were unfortunate enough to be born here, then you'll have to live with the fact that you peaked at birth. They say everyone needs to leave the nest at some point to find themselves and gain perspective, but what's perspective compared to a great slice of pizza?

After all, everyone moves here for a reason. New Yorkers might bitch and complain about their hometown more often than not, but that's because we've melted into a weird sort of family. And family is allowed to talk smack and fight with one another. And steal each other's iPhones. And cut each other off in traffic. And murder each other's confidence.

Join us if you dare.