We totally understand why you think you can make it as a rapper. Chief Keef, Riff Raff and Lil' B are barely literate and are wealthier than you for their writing. That should make your head explode. In that brain of yours, you probably have something better than "I got lotsa commas / I can fuck your momma / I ain't with the drama / you can meet my llama." And if you don't, Based God help you.

Your greatest problem is competition because, well, there are 30 million other struggle rappers who are also aware of just how talentless some of these millionaires are. The problem for your roomie is respecting your artistic pursuit, which consists of sleeping in working "creative hours" and mumbling over the "Started from the Bottom" beat into a web cam. Now, be a man and remove that sound proof insulation from the recording studio bathroom.