It launched real-life ball of sunshine Kristen Bell's career.

Before Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell’s career had yet to really get off the ground. Apart from a Lifetime movie, some guest starring roles in shows like Deadwood and The Shield, and a memorable bit part in Pootie Tang, she was a relative unknown in Hollywood. Veronica Mars wasn’t a ratings beast like some other, lesser shows on at the time, but it did earn Bell’s acting the recognition it deserved and Bell herself the attention she merited. Have you seen how much she loves sloths? The girl is just a delightful ball of sunshine.

Unfortunately, her filmography hasn’t been the greatest—When in Rome, You Again, Couples Retreat, why?!—but she did play the titular Sarah Marshall in Jason Segel’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which wouldn’t have happened if Bell had never donned her American Eagle knapsack as Veronica. And who knows if she would have been our cover girl in December 2007TG