As tempting as it may sound, spanking your tenants is not an acceptable way to coerce rent checks out of them, even if they are behind on it. No pun intended.

Ron Kronenberger, a landlord in Waynesville, OH, has come clean about taking a belt to the raw hide of a 29-year-old male tenant who was late with his rent. Like, $2,800 late. Kronenberger, 53, reportedly told the man "if you're going to act like a child, I'm going to treat you like one" prior to handing out the most memorable spanking of the younger man's life.

According to authorities, the spanking left "little marks" on the unidentified man's buttocks. Now, if you're the average person, you probably wondering why a grown man would drop his pants and let another grown man spank him with a belt. There's a reason for this, just as there's a reason for many of the world's mysteries.

The tenant reportedly explained to Police Chief Gary Copeland that he agreed to bend over and hold on for dear life, even though he was "scared and just wanted to get it over with." Kronenberger was charged with a misdemeanor.

Does the spanking victim have a clean slate, or does he still have to pay the delinquent $2,800?

[via Gawker]