Luck may have met a grim fate on HBO after the tragic deaths of three horses on set, but, apparently series writer John Perrotta is eager to keep the series going in some form. So now, around the same time the second season of the series should have begun airing Perrotta has taken to posting script treatments on America's Best Racing for what the episodes would have been had the series not been canceled. 

Right now there's only one up, but from the introduction this is meant to be an "ongoing saga" - meaning, if you were a Luck fan saddened by the cancellation of the series, you just lucked out, because this is the closest it will ever come to being back. Though the post isn't structured like a real script, there is some dialogue and you definitely get a sense of what was intended for the series by reading over it. 

You can check out Perrotta's work over at America's Best Racing.

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