Most Recent Projects: 666 Park Avenue (2012), Treme (2010-2012), The Good Wife (2012), Blue Bloods (2011)

The Prognosis
: A member of Chicago's impossible-to-overrate Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Jime True-Frost is a stage actor who did his best work on screen as part of The Wire. The character arc of Prezbo from cowardly (and unlucky) cop to commanding middle school teacher is one of the show's high points, setting the stage for the fourth (and best) season. No such transformation has occurred for him on TV since. His role as a record company suit on Treme felt awkward anytime he tried to glide into the scene—like, "Why is Mr. Prezbo in that suit talking about jazz? Where's his class? And his beard?" And don't even mention his decision to work on 666 Park Avenue, the DOA horror series that was cancelled before the first season had finished airing. Get back to the stage, True-Frost. It'd be better to see you in The Pillowman again.