Unsurprisingly, it looks like more people opted to see a sappy romance film yesterday over an action film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the newest Nicholas Sparks drama, Safe Haven, narrowly beat out the most recent Die Hard installment, A Good Day to Die Hard, in the Valentine's Day box office, earning a solid $8.9 million versus the Bruce Willis film's $8.3 million.

It's not bad news for the Die Hard film, though - early predictions still have the movie winning the upcoming President's day weekend, and is expected to earn somewhere in the $45 million range despite negative reviews. Who cares about reviews though? Explosions! Bruce Willis! Cheesy catchphrases! Mary Elizabeth Winstead! More explosions! How can it go wrong?

News for the other new release yesterday, Beautiful Creatures, unfortunately wasn't as good. The Emmy Rossum-starring supernatural teen pic earned a measly $2.5 million, and is expected to earn only $15 million to $18 million this weekend. Should have added more explosions.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]


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