Twitter announced a new update for its iPhone, Android and mobile desktop apps on Wednesday. The biggest change affects content discovery.

After updating their mobile apps, users will find the Discover tab now displays tweets, photos and accounts in a singular stream. This streamlines discovering news, trending topics and individual accounts. There's a similar change with the revamped Search, which will surface "the most relevant mix of Tweets, photos, and accounts, all in one stream."

Twitter users on iPhone will find there's a solitary Search icon now on the top right corner of the app, enabling searches from anywhere within the app. Users will also notice a change in the Connect tab. Twitter now automatically displays mentions and Interactions in one stream. Before, mentions were separated from retweets and follows. The change can be reverted by modifying user settings.

Another slight feature: Mobile users can now click on a URL in a tweet and go directly to the web page instead of tapping on a tweet, expanding the tweet and clicking on a link a second time to open. All these small changes, ensure a more seamless discovery experience.

[via Twitter Blog]