Apple may dominate the smartphone market, but Samsung isn't going down without a fight. 

According to stats released last week by the company, Samsung sells three TVs every second. Or as the mathematicians atThe Next Web put it, "180 per minute, 10,800 per hour, 259,200 per day or, roughly, 7.78 million every month." 

The three TV figure was uttered by BK Yoon, the company's president, during the Samsung EU Forum in Monte Carlo. "Three Samsung TVs are sold every second," he said. "And in 2012 we made $184 billion in sales. We invest $9 billion every year in R&D to develop the next big products."

Tech Radar, which picked up the story, said Samsung is eyeing our kitchens next. So far, the Korean company has launched a new fridge, a robotic vacuum cleaner and a bubble washing machine. 

[via The Next Web]