Both Lena Dunham and Jessica Chastain took home Golden Globe awards last month - Dunham for her show Girls, Chastain for her role in Zero Dark Thirty - but, you've gotta wonder: Would they still if the projects were combined? It's a weird thought, as their roles in both the show and the film couldn't be more different - but wonder no more, because comedian Chelsea Davison actually managed to marry the concepts spectacularly in a hilarious new spoof video that depicts what Dunham's audition for Zero Dark Thirty would look like. 

In the video, Davison portrays what's supposed to be Dunham, but the clip ends up as more of a spoof of Dunham's character in Girls, Hannah Horvath, if she were a CIA agent hunting down the most wanted terrorist in history. While eating a cupcake, because she's nothing if not relatable.

Davison herself is a self-professed Lena Dunham fan - "I would kill to write with her," she told The Hollywood Reporter - and was trained at the infamous Upright Citizen's Brigade.

You can check out the hilarious video above.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]