The X Factor faces a lot of changes this season. Judge Britney Spears has already left, and now co-host Khloe Kardashian won't be returning either. Rumor has it that Britney left by choice, maybe to start a show in Vegas.

Judge L.A. Reid has also departed the reality competition show. British pop star Cheryl Cole is reportedly in talks to return, even though she was "unceremoniously" dumped as a judge after less than one season; she was also a judge on the original U.K. version.

Kardashian surely isn't hurting for cash—she's got her E! show and the Kardashian Kollection. Still, it was a chance for her to be on a non-Kardashian show.

Producers are apparently scrambling to get The X Factor back on track after being trounced by NBC's The Voice in ratings. Mario Lopez will be returning as a host. Maybe they could get Mark Paul Gosslear to do it with him? We'd watch that.

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[via NY Post]