There are some things you might want to consider paying a professional to do. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego have found that emergency room visits for pubic hair grooming accidents have increased significantly over the past eight years. 

The New York Daily News has the numbers, and they aren't pretty:

A total of 11,704 people landed in the E.R. after waxing, shaving or trimming sessions went awry — and it's a pretty even split between women (56.7%) and men (43.3%).

Nonelectric razors were responsible for 83% of injuries, followed by scissors (22%) and hot wax (1.4%). Laceration was the most common injury, and most ended up being minor.

This might make you wince while reading it, but there is a bright spot here. The injuries suggest an increased interest in appearance. According to the data, "Previous surveys have found that 70% to 88% of young women in the U.S. partially or fully remove their pubic hair, as well as 58% to 78% of men. Almost 29% of the women's injuries occurred in girls younger than 18."

There are ways you can avoid injury. For example, don't go trimming when you're drunk.

[via LAist]