Despite initial trepidation that the iPad Mini wouldn't live up to its big brother, Apple's little tablet that could has proven to be one of the best computer releases of the past year. That said, the range of accessories for the Mini has been sorely lacking. That's why we're excited Logitech has finally today announced the Ultrathin Keyboard mini

We've yet to use the new keyboard cover as it's only been released today, but we have used Logitech's Ultrathin Keyboard cover for the regular iPad and it's great—spacious, good keyboard travel, custom buttons that allow you take shortcuts. Logitech says to expect more of the same with the Mini version. Except this one will connect to the iPad mini via a series of magnets just like Apple's Smart Cover. 

The Bluetooth EasyType keyboard (Logitech's name for it), though smaller to accomodate the Mini, seems to be big enough to allow for effective typing and features smart buttons for commands like copy-and-paste. 

The Ultrathin Keyboard mini drops later this month, but you can pre-order it from Logitech for $80. Peep the video below for more info.