Over the past couple of years we've seen a number of large corporations suffer security breaches at the hands of cyber criminals, but Sony, Nintendo, and Burger King aren't the only ones getting hacked. Celebrities' Twitter accounts are prime targets for those looking to have some fun on the Net. It's become so common that some public figures who've done impossibly stupid things online—like Anthony Weiner sending dong pics to girls—have tried blaming hackers.

The results of a Twitter break-in are usually uninspired: a flood of poorly contrived, forgettable messages. But sometimes they're awesome. So much so that you spread 'em around to your friends so they can read them before the celeb takes down their page. We've rounded up the 25 Funniest Celebrity Twitter Hacks that we have ever seen so you can look back and laugh again and, also, to give future hackers something to aspire to.