For several years, Playboy has been the premier men's publication where loads of dudes (and young dudes) gravitated towards to help relieve that sudden urge of Thirst. From flipping through several pages of some of the world's baddest women, Playboy has taken us from their popular monthly publication to an even more accessible platform: Our coveted smartphones.

Nowadays, men aren't exactly checking through hundreds of magazine pages to catch a glimpse of half-naked playmates. Now, they're swiping their thumbs across their iPhones where Hugh's playmates are all free to drool over on their Instagram feeds. But if there was anything thirstiest than skimming through the comment section of some of the biggest celebrities and socialites on Instagram, Playboy would most certainly be the thirstiest. And sure enough, it was.

We took a look at the Instagram of the house Hugh Hefner built which is just a collection photos from Playboy Magazine photoshoots and #FriskyFriday flicks, and came across so much thirst that 25 comments just wouldn't be enough. With that said, sit back and check out: The 50 Thirstiest Comments on Playboy's Instagram. Proceed with caution.

Written by Anthony Osei (@ILLIONAIRE)

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