Couple Nickname: Speidi
Dated Between: 2007 - Present

Was there ever a couple more annoying than Spencer and Heidi? No, probably not. These two were like the bleached blonde cockroaches of U.S. tabloid magazines between 2007 and 2010, and there was hardly a week that went by without seeing their faces plastered somewhere next to some bullshit story about Heidi's aspirations to become a singer, or Spencer's aspirations to become the world's biggest douchebag. And, really, lets not get started on that one time when Spencer spent a shitload of money on magical "minerals," Hank Schrader-style.

When you think about it, their lameness doesn't really stem from the fact that they're bad for each other, though Heidi could have probably done without the numerous plastic surgery operations she went through after marrying Spencer. Instead, it comes from the fact that they're so perfect for each other in the worst way possible.

Fame-hungry, attention-seeking, talentless individuals who actually bought into that whole 2012 doomsday thing? It's like a match made in the ninth level of hell.