Couple Nickname: None
Dated Between: Unknown - Present

Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen of Real Housewives of New York fame were relatively bearable until their appearance in the last season of Couples Therapy. The show doesn't exactly portray anybody in a good light, especially if your names are Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison, so it didn't do any favors for the previously solid couple.

Frankly, it wasn't even the way they acted on the show that earned them a spot on this list, though they were both rather horrible to each other in the beginning. It's the fact that they did the show in the first place because they felt legitimately "concerned" for their marriage. When you think about it, if that were really the case, then counseling would have likely been sought out in private, not aired on TV for all to see, with a fat paycheck attached. Seeing as the two have kids old enough that they're in school, this just seems wrong.