What makes a Hollywood couple "lame"? Oh, just dysfunctional tendencies, quickie weddings/divorces, general shamelessness in the face of fame, infidelity, and flagrant PR interferences. That's just naming a few that come immediately to mind.

Living and loving in Hollywood is hard, but factor in the above nastiness and you've got a doomed relationship. That is, "doomed" in the sense that we’re all doomed to have to hear about them in the news for months. It sucks.

Though it’s not quite in the spirit of Valentine’s Day (which is tomorrow, in case you forgot to make plans) to point out Hollywood’s most notoriously least cool couples, we’re all jaded assholes who stopped believing in true love years ago, so this is the timeliest day for a list like this. Optimist or not, however, check it out: The 50 Lamest Couples of All Time.

Note: If you plunge into this sordid mess looking for Rihanna and That Guy, you can quit now. What's happening between those two is something way too complicated and troubling to fall under the label of lame.

Written by Tanya Ghahremani (@tanyaghahremani)

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