Famous Parent(s): Don Ho, singer
Birthdate: Hoku, 6/10/1981; Kea, unknown
Occupation: Singer

Hoku Christian Ho is the biggest Disney star to never blow up. At the start of the aughts, she was cranking out sugary pop tunes like "Another Dumb Blonde," "How Do I Feel," and from the Legally Blonde soundtrack, "Perfect Day." But just as things were warming up, she took a hiatus from the industry. Famous or not, this sprightly surfer girl from Hawaii has an enchanting presence and owes her unique look to a melting pot of multicultural Euro-Polynesian flavor; Hoku is the daughter of background singer Patti Swallie and the late, magical entertainment king Don Ho, the seventh of Ho's 10 children. Count your lucky stars that she comes back to the business in a major way.

Meanwhile, if you just can't bear to be without a hot Ho girl, there's good news: Hoku's younger half-sister, Kea Ho, is a smokin' hot model who designs swimsuits and models them herself. She's already been featured in Maxim and Playboy.