Wall Street warrior/serial killer Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) may be hot. But when the best a girl can hope for from a date with him is to emerge alive, it's probably best to keep looking for a more suitable mate.

Mary Harron's adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis' classic Reagan-era novel is chock full of one bad date after the next: there's Evelyn (Reese Witherspoon), Patrick's pseudo-girlfriend, too wrapped up in her socialite status to see what Patrick really is; Jean (Chloe Sevigny, pictured above), Patrick's personal assistant who is clearly—and blindly—infatuated with him; Courtney (Samantha Mathis), the debutante and other woman too hopped up on prescription meds to remain conscious through a single dinner; and Christie (Cara Seymour), poor Christie, the sad-sack prostitute who, after a frightful threesome that lands her in the hospital, returns for a second round of sexual abuse, only to be cut in two with a chainsaw.

The '80s sucked.