Career: Actor-"Lifestyle Expert"-Cookbook Author
Famous Family: Producer-director Bruce Paltrow (father); actress Blythe Danner (mother); writer-director Jake Paltrow (brother)

Good looks and loving parents weren't enough for Gwyneth Paltrow. She had to be talented, too. The It Girl of the '90s—who dated a veritable who's who of A-list leading men, including Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck—won her first (and so far only) Oscar at the tender age of 27. Shortly thereafter, she tapped the brakes on her career a bit when she married Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and had two of her own offspring (including daughter Apple, who seems to have kicked off the "my baby's name is stranger than yours" celebrity wars).

Today, she runs the lifestyle website, dabbles in food and clothing design, and has the good sense to choose her projects wisely, unlike so many other actors who win their Oscars young... and end up starring in movies like Chill Factor shortly thereafter. You hear that Cuba Gooding Jr.? You screwed up.