Shows Run: Grace Under Fire (1993-1998), Dharma & Greg (1997-2002), Two and a Half Men (2003-Present), The Big Bang Theory (2007-Present) Mike and Molly (2010-Present)

Whether or not you like the man's shows, you can't deny that he's a hit machine. CBS's continued multi-camera comedy success has been almost completely thanks to Lorre and his team: he created Two and a Half Man and The Big Bang Theory, and also served as the executive producer of Mike & Molly. Lorre's earlier credits include shows that many of us grew up with, including Cybil, Grace Under Fire, and Dharma and Greg.

Lorre has enjoyed immense success and shows no signs of slowing, as he's got a new pilot currently in the works. One of the greatest testaments to Lorre's power is that he was able to keep Two and a Half Men going in 2011 despite Charlie Sheen's exit. Few showrunners could have withstood losing someone with Sheen's starpower, but Lorre helped right the ship's course and kept the mega-hit moving forward. For insights into the mind and career of Lorre, check out the vanity cards he includes at the end of every episode of his shows.