First Appearance: The Punisher #31 (2006)
Creators: Garth Ennis, Goran Parlov

There are few people capable of striking fear into the Punisher's heart; Barracuda is one of them. Built like an NFL linebacker and mentally wired like Ted Bundy, Barracuda proved to be one of the most serious villains that Frank Castle ever faced. During their battles, Barracuda routinely killed people, both innocent and otherwise, just to get under Castle’s skin.

Barracuda doesn’t just use violence as a means to an end. He just loves inflicting harm. Perhaps its because he can't seem to feel much pain himself. The Punisher has shot and stabbed him countless times, even going so far as to blind him in one eye, but Barracuda always comes back for more. In the end, his cartoonish insanity was the perfect foil for the grim, monosyllabic Punisher.