Video Evidence: Mike Tyson, 1999

There are so many clips of Mike Tyson discussing his world view, and each one would be the most horrible moment in any other celebrity's career.

This 1999 interview, a prelude to Iron Mike's first fight after biting off another man's ear during a match, is perfect because it offers a concise version of what it means to be Tyson.

First, sports anchor Russ Salzberg asks him about his concerns going into the match. Tyson is unconcerned, because he's "gonna kill this motherfucker."

As the quality of conversation degrades, Tyson offers the following words, and one can imagine that they must've looped in his brain often during his career: "Fuck it. It's a fight. So, whatever happens, happens."

Whatever happens, happens. It's a tautology to keep you safe and warm at night.