Author: Lois Lowry
What To Read Next: Winter of Fire by Sherryl Jordan, Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher

The Giver is a novel that forces you to appreciate all those times you were heartbroken, pissed off, and disappointed by confronting you with a "utopia" in which every human passion is extinguished. In the world of The Giver, being naive is ideal. Jobs are assigned based on your strengths, spouses are assigned based on personality (a lot like OKCupid). Feelings like "stirrings," a fun euphemism for horny, should be ignored. 

When 11-year-old Jonas is given the job of "Receiver," he receives all the memories of his community before the sameness (i.e. the eradication of emotion) was instituted. He learns about love, where babies come from, what happens when people are "released," and sees colors for the first time. Surprisingly, he, with the help of the Giver, learns how to synthesize this information into helping his community recall their humanness again. We'd be tripping balls.