Appears In: Community (2009-Present)

Greendale Community College is the setting for most of Community's innocent hijinks. The fictional Colorado open-admissions college where a "No More Than 64" policy is in effect, meaning students never pay more than $64 per credit hour.

Greendale also takes great pride in adhering to the five A's: accessibility, affordability, air Conditioning, awesome new friends, and a lot of classes. There are also plenty of of wholesome student activities, from intramural sports, a chess club and even a smoker's club. They also have an annual paintball tournament, which is meant to bring out the best in students, and jealousy in you.

Above all, Greendale is a place where a bunch of strangers from all walks of life can come together and become friends, even if Chevy Chase is a complete asshole. That's why fans of NBC's Community love the show so much.