Oscar-worthy Movie: The Help (2011)

First of all, we're not worried about Viola Davis in the slightest. She's on this list simply to point out the fact that she deserves an Oscar soon. Much like fellow lister Julianne Moore, Davis is basically a shoe-in for one eventually; all she's waiting for is her ticket number to be called.

The actress had been making movies for over a decade (with roles in respectable films like Antwone Fisher and Traffic), but it wasn't until she was nominated for a supporting role in Doubt that casting agents began taking her seriously.

While The Help, which won the SAG award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture, was chock full of notable performances (namely by Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer), it's hard to ignore the fact that Davis—playing the lonely yet loving maid Aibileen—was the real heart of the movie.

Sure enough, her time playing second fiddle is almost up.