Oscar-worthy Movie: Morocco (1930)

Dietrich, who, we have to point out repeatedly, is widely regarded as one of the top-10 greatest actresses in the history of cinema, received exactly one Oscar nom. One. ONE. Like, this lady, born and raised in Germany, told the Nazi party to piss off when they wanted her to come back and be the most famous star in their country, then was one of the first stars to help raise war bonds for the U.S., and raised more money than any other star. AND SHE GOT ONE NOD?

But we digress. We want to talk about the role that should have earned her an Oscar: Morocco. Dietrich used to throw in some male clothes to her wardrobe, giving herself a little bit of an androgynous look and, in Morocco, as a cabaret singer, she wore a man's tux and kissed another woman. That was unheard of in 1946, and on repeat when we bought the DVD for one of our film classes in 2006. What. A. Badass.