Oscar-worthy Movie: To Have and Have Not (1944)

We have a secretary's mess up to thank for Lauren Bacall's presence on the silver screen. After Howard Hawks saw a small picture of Bacall in a magazine. Hawks asked his secretary to find out more information about her but the secretary misunderstood and instead sent Bacall a ticket to Hollywood for an audition. This led to the newcomer landing the role in To Have and Have Not.

She developed her iconic husky voice and, to keep from shaking from nerves, she pressed her chin against her chest and tilted her eyes upward, creating "The Look," Bacall's trademark.

After her first film, she went on to star in many noirs with Humphrey Bogart (whom she later married), and appear in successful comedies with Marilyn Monroe. Yet, the Academy only thought to award her an honorary statue in 2009.