With the third season of the hit ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars currently airing, we now have a reason to tune into the young adult version of the Disney Channel and/or the soft-core CW. If you're unfamiliar, the show, adapted from Sara Shepard's book series of the same name, follows four "teenagers" (don't worry, they're all of age in real life) as they quest to find out who killed their best friend while trying to figure out the identity of some creep who sends them text messages threatening to reveal their secrets and destroy their lives.

With that premise, you're probably wondering how we could possibly anticipate such a tame I Know What You Did Last Summer knockoff. Truth be told, the "liars" are actually all undoubtedly attractive. We're willing to suspend our disbelief when it comes to a full hour of gorgeous untainted-by-Sean-Penn up and comers. In fact, PLL, as it's called by today's abbreviation-inclined generation, isn't the network's only show with a cast more impressive than its WTF-worthy plot. If you're having trouble believing that, too, then check out our list of the 20 Hottest Girls From ABC Family Shows.

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