Cover Star: Shaun Alexander
Year: 2006

Oh man, I totally swear that the Madden Curse is a Thing. Take Shaun Alexander, who appeared on the cover of Madden NFL 07 and proceeded to systematically have a roller-coaster season that helped lead to the demise of his career: He broke his foot in Week 3 of the 2006 season, only to finish the season playing on said broken foot while breaking Barry Sanders' record for most consecutive games with a 10-yard plus run. The motherfucker of the thing is the Madden Curse is like a 007 agent, or at least a TMZ blogger; it will not stop until your life is ruined. In 2007 Shaun Alexander fractured his wrist, lost his lead blocker, sprained his knee and ankle, and then was frozen in carbonite. Somewhere, John Madden cackled and gazed thirstily at some turducken.