Year Introduced: 2009
Flavor Profile: A delicately flavored vanilla cookie with aggressive bursts of milky caramel.
Mouth Feel: A firm cookie that avoids the mealy texture of its predecessors thanks to small, potently sweetened milk chips.
Calories: 160 Calories, 8 Grams of Fat (For 4 Cookies)
What It Says About You: Saccharine dairy products from Latin America are your "thing." Who wants caramel when you can have farm-to-table goat's milk? You mock those that consume thin mints in large quantities. Milk chocolate is for the unaware consumer. People who understand the joy of all-artisanal-everything know the devastation you experienced when these bite-sized cookies were pulled from your unwilling hands. Then you found out those small "caramel" chips were mass-produced in the US of A. Fair trade, indeed.