30-year-old Marquese Anglin was being chased by police on Interstate 40 in Fairview, TN with a car full of weed when he tried to throw it out of the window. There was a problem though: the car window was up. Just to add further embarrassment to the situation, the whole episode was caught on tape by the patrol vehicle's dashboard camera.

When authorities approached Anglin's vehicle, they discovered that his jeans and the passenger seat were covered with marijuana. Officers added that they found a larger stash of weed later. Officer Shane Dunning says he told Angling "next time he might want to roll the window down because it was all over the car." 

The chase began when Dunning tried to pull Anglin over for a license plate violation. He said Anglin was fidgeting with something in his lap, which lead Dunning to believe that he had a weapon. He was charged with drug possession and driving with a revoked license.

[via NY Daily News]