Residents of Detroit will be sad to know that the Motor City has been named the saddest city in America. Detroit beat out Miami, Flint, MI, Rockford, IL, Chicago, IL and Modesto, CA for the crown of thorns. This is all according to of course, which puts out the annual list.

Forbes mentions that the city's "four-decade decline" is directly tied to the auto industry. Earlier in the week, a panel said that Detroit was on the brink of a "fiscal emergency," "potential bankruptcy" and "possible financial takeover by the state." Those are all pretty good reasons to be sad.

Forbes creates the list based on the largest urban areas and organizes them by  foreclosures, taxes, home prices, crime rates, commute times, decreasing populations and weather. Don't get too happy New Yorkers;  the Big Apple was tenth on the list because of the cost of living.

[via NY Post]